How To Become A Computer Technician

How To Become A Computer Technician

How To Become A Computer Technician

So you appetite to be a Computer Technician but you don’t apperceive how Well assumption what I am activity to acquaint you how.

First things first I am edgeless and to the point. I abhorrence accounting and cerebration about grammar that is why I went into the Technology field.

I accept over years acquaintance in web design computer networking hardware software java programming Apple amp IBM pc architecture computers blast work home theatres etc etc etc amp I accomplish a lot of money doing. So basically I apperceive what I am talking about amp I am activity to accord you some admonition that took me long adamantine years to learn.

. MOST IMPORTANT LEARN how to acquisition the appropriate answers. This can be accurate for ANY field ANY being works in. You do not charge to apperceive everything and assumption what if you spent the abutting years reading activity to academy amp accepting certifications you still wouldn’t apperceive all there is to apperceive in the acreage of Technology. But if you can amount out what assets will admonition you acquisition a band-aid for you the fastest again you are on your way.

. Go to academy and/or get certifications. Of advance you charge to apprentice about computers software accouterments etc to become a computer technician. Acquisition commodity that fits you commodity that makes you aflame to go. year schools are not for every one so accomplish abiding they are appropriate for you if you accept to go. In my years in academy the alone affair I abstruse to do is affairs at Akin II in Java a dark monkey could affairs at that level and alcohol a lot of beer. year schools are acceptable because the get beeline to the point about the absolute jobs you will be accomplishing out in the REAL world. I was offered a teaching position at one of these year schools at the accomplished old age of I laughed in their face amp said no because of the bacon they were offering . Certifications are important behindhand if you get a or year degree. They acquaint added bodies that accept NO CLUE about technology that you absolutely accept a clue about technology

Did you chase that

A brace of certifications that I awful acclaim are the A Networking and any Microsoft Support Certification.

. Be patient with yourself and the bodies you assignment with. You will consistently be acquirements if you become a computer technician. The boilerplate lifespan for a accurate archetypal of technology ie computers is about years. Meaning as anon as you buy it it is OLD. Things change accustomed in Technology and you accept to accumulate up with it

. Have a Absolute Attitude Remember back bodies alarm you or you are accomplished out to assignment on someone’s computer TV etc they usually are frustrated. Best bodies will try to fix the affair themselves afore calling anyone because they are cheap. By the time you or I get there they are accessible to cry. A absolute and affable attitude will go an EXTREMELY LONG WAY. You will be their savior and they will acquaint all their accompany about you. This point ability be the best difficult abnormally in Technology because not actual abounding bodies accept how it works and because our lives are so abased on it.

That is it simple steps.

Can you handle it

These are the things I accept approved to do over the aftermost years. Trust me I am no genius not by a continued shot. But I ample out how to acquisition the appropriate acknowledgment for the problem accumulated with an education some certifications and the appropriate attitude I accept bodies animadversion bottomward my aperture for my services.

Read this commodity a brace of times until this admonition absolutely sinks in. This admonition works so use it

Stop sitting there and get busy

For added advice on How To Become a Computer Technician analysis out a brace of this sites I accept listed in my bio those will help.

Good Luck


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